Ford F150 Lightning 2022 : Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Well we already know that F150’s are America’s Favorite Pickup Trucks cause these Pick-up trucks from Ford had been dominating the market for 30 years. Usually you’ll find these kinds of trucks at construction sites, camping or at grocery shops. Ford F-150 Lightning is not just for the looks as it has so many practical features.

Ford F-150 Lighting 2022 Key Features

Usually F-150 Trucks are packed with V6 or V8 Engines but this time F-150 lightning truck has been equipped with a gigantic battery. The extended range of this battery is so powerful that it can even power your entire house for 2-3 days. It comes with two battery packs one for standard range which can give you the range upto 230 miles but with the extended range you’ll be getting the range of 320 miles. Ford claims that this pickup truck is capable of towing 10,000 pounds.

BatteryPricePerformanceTop SpeedRange
98.0 or 131.0 kWH
$41,769; XLT,$54,769; Lariant, $69,269; XLT Extended and Lariat Extended, $74,269 & $79,269; Platinum, $92,669
60 mph : 4.5-5.0 sec Combined power 452 or 580 hp ; Combined Torque : 775 lb-ft
110 mph
230-320 miles

EV Battery packs, range and more

With the standard range the F-150 Lightning is equipped with 98.0-kWH will pump the range to 230 miles and with the extended range 131.0-kWH of battery pack is used and this helps you to drive upto 320 miles on one full charge. Ford claims that this truck supports DC fast charging at charging points. This fast charging helps to charge the truck from 15 percent to 80 percent in just 44 minutes. Ford engineered F-150 Lightning to act as a backup generator incase of power loss in the house.

You really can’t differentiate between the gas powered F-150 and Electric F-150 apart from the front headlights and tailgates and the major difference is that you’ll get 400 Liters of storage capacity in the trunk and it does not have any engine on it.

Infotainment and Interior

This truck is powered with the Ford Sync 4.0 software. A 12 inch touchscreen infotainment system in the standard and 15 inch touchscreen display is seen in the extended and platinum range. Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Wifi Hotspot GPS Navigation are available even in the standard mode.

Ford F150 Lightning 2022 : Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Exterior of the F-150 Lightning

This Pickup truck has many practical features which are really useful for the drivers. As it powers several power outlets in the truck and even in the interior of the truck it provides many power outlets. And it has a massive trunk with the capacity of 400 liters of storage with the charger included. The F-150 Lightning has 5.5-foot bed along with the crew cab.

Ford F150 Lightning 2022 : Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

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